Is your business challenged by the changing tides of technology, new work methods and the modern life-styles of Gen-Y employees?
Rajagopal Tampi | 01/07/17
In this post we ask basic questions which have been prompted by rapid changes in technology, new work policies and life-styles of Gen-Y employees. We offer one possible solution to meet your business objectives.
Rajagopal Tampi | 29/04/17
HRMS implementation process is risk prone including the customer organization's internal change management risks. That's where VALUEMOVES’ 3 Step methodology to HRMS implementation success comes in.
How effective is the ESIC Healthcare scheme?
Rajagopal Tampi | 05/03/17
Do unorganized sector workers in India get effective healthcare under the Central Government ESIC Scheme?
Indian Businesses breathe easy, reduction in red-tape and inspection
Rajagopal Tampi | 25/02/17
Indian businesses breathe easy, reduction in red tape, inspection. Labour Registers which are required to be maintained by organizations reduced to 5 from 56.
What is in a job? How to choose a job?
Rajagopal Tampi | 11/02/17
How do employees make a choice when it comes to which job to choose? Choose wisely, it can result in success and happiness in your life or the opposite.
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