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    Core HR : Know everything you need about employees and the Organization!

  • Company Organizational structure configuration, organizational chart.
  • Department, sub department multiple levels.
  • Designation, grade, type and scale for employees.
  • Position ID based Staff Budgeting controls with office location. Automatic trigger for recruitment.
  • Country, city, state, multiple office locations, types of office, area and zones definition within Company.
  • Internal and external Cost Centre creation and management.
  • Project Master, Customer Master and Third Party Masters with membership mapping and other features for use by Companies.
  • Announcements, blog posts, policy upload for Company.
  • Comprehensive employee database with work and personal details.
  • Personal identification, travel documents and work unique identifications numbers.
  • Bank accounts, Regulatory schemes account numbers and identifications.
  • Different types of employee permanent, contractors and others.
  • Employee deployment information, training attended, promotion, transfer, designation and status changes.
  • Administrator can add define and create custom employee database fields.
  • Employee lifecycle data, skills, emergency contacts, Insurance policies, dependents, nominees.
  • Maker checker for employee initiated database changes or entries.
  • Security and process checks for new employee record entries.
  • Disciplinary case, blacklisting with maker checker functionality and whistle- blower.
  • Audit log for employee database changes.
  • New joinee on-boarding with maker checker.
  • Academic qualifications, document upload, additional employee data storage files.
  • Manager can see employee database details of her reportees via ESS portal.
  • Flexible, powerful, configurable reporting chain functionalities.
  • Multiple reporting chains can be configured for different HR functions.
  • Reporting chain enables approval workflow for functions.
  • Dual reporting and delegation facilities are available as standard features.
  • Automated managing of reporting chains in simple and effective manner.
  • Agreements/code of conduct acceptance signoff by employees.
  • Absconding employee policy and tracking, employee background verification and agency.
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