VALUEMOVES participated in the Gujarat SME Manufacturing Summit at Ahmedabad.


Rajagopal Tampi was invited speaker at the Rajkot Industries and SME Summit. He spoke on IT solutions for simplifying the business for better productivity.


FICCI seminar on Software Asset Management:
Rajagopal Tampi addresses FICCI Seminar on Software Asset Management (SAM) in Ahmedabad

Rajagopal Tampi as the Co-Chairman of the Programs Committee of the Indian PANIIT Conference.

Rajagopal has thereafter led and supported the incubation of many follow on PANIIT Knowledge Economy initiatives such as “ IITians for ITI” etc.


Rajagopal Tampi organized the Knowledge Economy Track at the PANIIT Annual Conference. Here he is seen addressing the Knowledge Economy Track of PAN IIT Conference in Mumbai.


Rajagopal exchanging notes with Nandan Nilekani and Rajendra Pawar at the PANIIT Conference


The speakers in the Knowledge Economy Track included Jerry Rao, Rajendara Pawar and Nandan Nilekani amongst many other business leaders. The Knowledge Economy Track was organized and chaired by Rajagopal Tampi

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