Sapphire is a leading Recruitment software with end to end functionalities. Expand your talent pool with Sapphire. Effort saving, beat turn-around-times, automate all applicant sources.


    Requisition, Hiring Approval, Publish Vacancy

  • Recruitment vacancies based on Organizational staffing plan and budgets.
  • Skills Masters, job codes with job descriptions.
  • Department Head can approve and initiate recruitment for a particular vacant position through Employee (ESS) portal in Sapphire. Alternatively HR/Recruiter can approve and initiate Recruitment process.
  • Allocate the vacancy for fulfilment to recruitment consultant (if required), else internal HR/Recruiter can process it themselves.
  • For vacancy, if required, Recruiter can choose to publish Internal Job posting and/or buddy referral on ESS portal.
  • Job vacancy can be posted on LinkedIn/other job –portals/Organization web-site.
  • Classify vacancies as per criticality for better management.
  • Specify vacancy turn-around-time uniquely to identify vacancies which are in the red for personalized management for timely induction.

    Applicant Data Capture

  • Organization’s employees can apply for jobs (internal candidates) and also post Buddy referrals for vacant positions.
  • Recruiter can add new candidate details and upload CV of candidate for the vacancy in Sapphire.
  • Capture applicant data and CV from LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster and Organization web-site.
  • Capture applicant data from applicant emails received.
  • Source of CV (candidate) is tracked by Sapphire i.e. supplied by which Consultant or which Employee referred Buddy or from which job-site, consultant etc.

    Selection and Offer

  • Interview can be scheduled and allocated to interviewers (employees) through the ESS portal. Google calendar and MS Office calendar integration available.
  • Notifications are available in the employee portal, by email and also through mobile app.
  • Interviewers can update interview results in Sapphire. Several rounds of interviews can be conducted.
  • Candidate accepted or rejected or kept on hold. The stage of selection of candidates is managed by the Recruiters in Sapphire.
  • Maximum details of each vacancy and its fulfilment/stage of processing can be viewed.
  • Recruiter can maintain and update status of candidate selection during recruitment process. Sapphire closes open positions automatically when filled.
  • The offer letter and CTC offered is approved first by the respective Manager who has raised the recruitment requisition.
  • Recruiter can then email offers letters to selected candidates through Sapphire.

    Work with Consultants, Job-sites, Organization Web-site and Applicants

  • Recruiter can post job vacancies on Organization web-site, LinkedIn and other job-sites like Naukri, Monster.
  • Job applicant login link enables her to post all preliminary details and upload CV directly into Sapphire for the job vacancy saving a lot of effort.
  • Sapphire captures details of Recruitment consultants that the company is working with.
  • Recruitment Consultants using their Sapphire login, will see details of the vacancy assigned to them for fulfilling.
  • Recruitment consultant submits applicant details, CVs directly into Sapphire through their login for vacancies assigned to them for fulfillment. This saves a lot of effort.

    Data Integration Services

  • Data integration services will enable automated capture of CVs and job applicant data from linked Job-sites and Organization web-site.
  • Emailed CV Auto-capture: Sapphire provides auto-capture of CVs and candidate details from job application emails received from candidates and saves directly in the Sapphire database.
  • Resumes can be parsed to capture main details of the job applicant automatically and populate the Sapphire database.

    Cost Management

  • Recruitment costs such as relocation costs, joining bonus etc. are captured.
  • Payments to employees, buddy referrals and others.
  • Payments to recruitment consultants.
  • Payments to job-sites.

    Bulk CV Storage and Search

  • The CVs are stored in Sapphire database and can be searched and referenced later.
  • No need to worry about storage of CVs. Bulk unlimited CV storage provided for customer.
  • CV are searchable in a unique manner facilitating quick recovery.


  • Recruitment dashboard is available with drill down reporting.
  • Reports are available for recruitment summary and other purposes.
  • Management reporting dashboard with Turn Around Times status for vacancies as per classification of vacancies
  • Vacancy ageing reports with different filters.
  • Reporting on vacanies outsourced to consultants with consultant summary.
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