Team Work


Ensure your own ”outstanding” appraisal rating by managing your team more efficiently! Workplan is a group work management software which improves daily work efficiencies. Workplan can be used to provide inputs for employee appraisals.


    Normal Working

  • As a manager, collaborate and manage your own team daily.
  • Assign tasks and monitor employee work performance.
  • ESS portal is used for accessing and using Workplan.

    Project Working

  • Create different types of work projects, Internal or customer, map project team members and managers.
  • Create dynamic work groups for specific organizational cross-departments projects.
  • Manage and close projects.

    Work Planning and Management

  • Manager can assign tasks to employees with explanation, expected completion schedule, priority and explanatory.
  • Employee accepts task, and when complete and marks its status.
  • Manager tracks task acceptance and completion. Assigns task performance quality rating and closes completed tasks.
  • Task effort captured by Workplan for measurement.
  • Task status dashboard.


  • Built in work oriented messaging system between Manager and employee.
  • Announcement from Manager to team members.
  • Employee can reply to Manager’s announcements.

    Resource Management

  • Create resources like conference rooms or other project/work resources
  • Resource assignment to employees for completing tasks.
  • Resource assignment to groups like conference rooms etc.
  • Resource status monitoring.

    Organizational and Employee Benefits

  • Employee Workplan performance data can be linked to PMS.
  • Organizational benchmarking for tasks and work data analysis.
  • Employee timesheet generation and customer billing inputs.

    Reporting and Project Archives

  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Project archives.
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